A secure and caring environment nurtures social/emotional, physical and early brain growth and development.



Toddlers through Pre- Kindergarten

Frog Street Press Curriculum

This fun and engaging curriculum lays the foundation for future learning experiences through music, interactive math, literacy and conceptual activities.


Thematic Units

Thematic units are a supplemental component that further contribute to the learning experience by enhancing learning exploration and promoting real world application.



Private Kindergarten

Kindergarten Math

Skill building happens through many activities such as graphing, skip counting, creating patterns, and

place value. Other concepts learned, including addition, subtraction, telling time, fractions, money, basic

geometry, and measurement are extended beyond the Kindergarten level.


Kindergarten Literacy

Literacy is fostered through shared reading experiences, a print rich environment, and teacher- child interactions.

Shared reading experiences are in the classroom as well as in Library. Teachers bring language

and rich dialogue to the learning and playing activities. Our curriculum promotes phonemic awareness and

fluency to foster successful readers.


The Project Approach

Kindergarten will work on one project per year. Each project will begin with a driving question that engages the children. Through in-class and at-home exploration and activities, these projects provide opportunity for in-depth and hands-on experiences using a variety of concepts and skills. The projects will be child-initiated and teacher-guided.



(Participation varies by age level and chosen program)

Art Class

Music and Movement


Physical Education