Adult Life Groups

First Rowlett UMC offers a multitude of Sunday morning learning opportunities for adults. There are classes for adults of all ages, with points of emphasis ranging from traditional Bible study to family-focused classes to a class especially for those who come to church alone on Sunday mornings. Life Groups meet at 8:30am, 9:45am & 11:00 am in various locations throughout the church. See below for a brief description of the various classes offered here. You're sure to find something that's just right for you!


8:30 am Classes

Agape   Ages 60+, Room 184

This class for early risers follows the Adult Bible Studies curriculum of the United Methodist Church. This class is led by Rev. Buist Wilson.

Disciples   Ages 55+, Room 172

The Disciple class studies include traditional Bible curriculum along with contemporary Christian authors. They welcome any age to come and work together to develop an intimacy with God and caring relationships with each other.

Friendship   Ages 50+, Room 140

Friendships and fellowship are enjoyed through occasional social events, as well as studying God’s Word to discover solutions for the tough issues facing families today.



Ages 65+, Room 182

These older adults have a passion for studying and sharing God’s Word. This class brings warmth and devotion to any activity. They welcome visitors of any age.


9:45 am Classes


F.A.I.T.H. Now   Ages 30-50, Room 182

This group knows that walking with God means living his promises in everyday life. The curriculum will help you to make God a priority in your life,and to serve your church and community. You have a home in this class!

Footprints   Women all ages, Room 140 A

Footprints is a class for women who whether married or single come to church without a spouse/partner. This class enjoys building relationships, Bible study that carries them into a deeper relationship with Christ, and are also engaged in service projects and missions together.

Foundation   Parents of infant and preschool children, Room 174

The Foundation Life Group is comprised largely of people who have children from newborn to Pre-K. They study a wide variety of topics including parenting and healthy marriages. The class is actively involved in service projects and holds social activities once each month.

Genesis   Ages 35-55, Room 300 (The Lighthouse)

This class is comprised of couples in their 30’s to mid-50’s. The open discussions center around the Bible and how it relates to contemporary situations. Fellowship and humor are important, and the class has a tremendous support network for those in need.

New Beginnings   All Ages, Room 178 

All adults are welcomed. In this class, they explore a variety of topics from contemporary as well as traditional studies. Materials are selected that lend themselves to group participation, lively discussion, and a healthy compliment of humor. Frequent in-class and outside activities for fellowship and camaraderie is the norm. Please feel free to join the class any Sunday.

Nomads   Ages 60+, Room 184

These wanderers have found a home with one another sharing Bible-centered lessons and warm fellowship.This class is taught by Rev. Buist Wilson. 

O.N.E. Class   Mid 20’s—early 40’s, Room 302 (The Lighthouse)

The class is interested in learning about the Bible, faith, and the world, while also discovering what it means to be a United Methodist. Most class members have school aged children. They like to get together for parties and other social gatherings. 

Theolog   Ages mid 40’s +, Room 170

This class is a lively and welcoming class. They have a casual approach to Bible study, but casual doesn’t mean less interest. They study various Bible-based topics. Come join the supportive fellowship and connect your daily life to God’s Word.


Jahweh Rafah Sunday School

Room 140 B

Sunday School class for the Spanish-speaking congregation of First Rowlett UMC.  


Christ's Companions

Multi-Age, Room 300

Small group focuses on growing our faith, building strong bonds, and offering mutual support and encouragement


11:00 am Class

The Next Chapter   Ages 40-55+, Room 172

The Next Chapter is just that...we are comprised of active dynamic members approaching and early in the “empty nest” chapter of our lives. We are committed to a focused study of God’s word and how that applies to our daily life decisions. We are focused on the enjoyment of special mission projects, frequent socials, the support of each other as we navigate into this Next Chapter with God’s guidance. God’s Word, Fun, Food and Fellowship is our focus.



Wednesday Nights- 8:30 pm

The Way Ages 18-30, The Lighthouse

The Way is our young adult life group for anyone post-high school. We meet weekly for prayer, Scripture study, topical conversation, and general fellowship. As of right now, we meet at 8:30 pm on Wednesday nights in the lobby of the Lighthouse. If we meet anywhere else, announcements will be made. We post a recap of our sessions along with announcements on our Facebook page, “The Way at First Rowlett UMC,” and you can also follow us on Twitter at @TheWay_Frumc. For more information, contact Rev. Jordan Perkey at!