Alyson Greenwald, Director of Youth Ministry

(Leave of Absence 8/1/2016-7/31/2017)

Alyson grew up in First Rowlett and has been an active part of our youth program for over ten years. She has enthusiastically attended every youth spring break mission trip and helped organize and lead many events. Alyson will be a great addition to our youth leadership team. She is a graduate of Texas A&M University with a major in Agricultural Leadership and Development and an emphasis in Health. She completed the TEEX (Texas A&M Engineering and Extension) Emergency Services Training Institute and is seeking an additional job as a fire fighter in a nearby community. Alyson is married to Kevin Greenwald. In addition to event planning and implementation, Alyson will focus on youth communication, website, attendance and event promotion.Contact Alyson at 972-475-3667, ext. 116 or